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ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM THROUGH FINGERPRINT RECONGITION- Biometrics Voting System Through Fingerprint Recognition On A Touch Screen

Fingerprint Biometric Is The Most Widely Deployed Publicized Biometrics For Identification. This Is Largely Due To Its Easy And Cost Effective Integration In Existing And Upcoming Technologies. The Integration Of Biometric With Electronic Voting Machine Undoubtedly Requires Less Manpower, Save Much Time Of Voters And Personal, Eliminate Rigging, Ensure Accuracy, Transparency And Fast Results In Election. In This Paper, A Framework For Electronic Voting Machine Based On Biometric Verification Is Proposed And Implemented. The Proposed Framework Ensures Secured Identification And Authentication Processes For The Voters And Candidates Through The Use Of Fingerprint Biometrics. It Deals With The Design And Development Of An Electronic Voting System Using Fingerprint Recognition. It Allows The Voter To Scan Their Fingerprint, Which Is Then Matched With An Already Saved Image Within A Database. Upon Completion Of Voter Identification, Voters Are Allowed To Cast Their Vote Using LCD And Keypad Interface. Casted Vote Will Be Updated Immediately, Making The System Fast, Efficient And Fraud-free.

ONLINE EXAM PORTAL SERVICES FOR STUDENTS BEHAVIOR- Online Exam Portal Services For Students Behavior And Success Based On Log In Moodle

Today, It Is Almost Impossible To Implement Teaching Processes Without Using Information And Communication Technologies (ICT), Especially In Higher Education.

TEXT FILE HIDING USING STEGANOGRAPHY- Text File Hiding In Audio Files Using Low Bit Encoding Steganography

This Method Is Alternative To Cryptography Techniques Which Provide More Security Than Existing Techniques. Steganography Is The Practice Of Hiding Private Or Sensitive Information Within Something That Appears To Be Nothing Out Of The Usual. Steganography Is Often Confused With Cryptology Because The Two Are Similar In The Way That They Both Are Used To Protect Important Information. The Difference Between The Two Is That Steganography Involves Hiding Information So It Appears That No Information Is Hidden At All. If A Person Or Persons Views The Object That The Information Is Hidden Inside Of He Or She Will Have No Idea That There Is Any Hidden Information, Therefore The Person Will Not Attempt To Decrypt The Information. Steganography In The Modern Day Sense Of The Word Usually Refers To Information Or A File That Has Been Concealed Inside A Digital Picture, Video Or Audio File. What Steganography Essentially Does Is Exploit Human Perception, Human Senses Are Not Trained To Look For Files That Have Information Hidden Inside Of Them, Although There Are Programs Available That Can Do What Is Called Steganalysis (Detecting Use Of Steganography.) The Most Common Use Of Steganography Is To Hide A File Inside Another File. When Information Or A File Is Hidden Inside A Carrier File, The Data Is Usually Encrypted With A Password.

NOISE ROBUST FOR TEMPLATE MATCHING- Asymmetric Correlation A Noise Robust Similarity Measure For Template Matching

We Present An Efficient And Noise Robust Template Matching Method Based On Asymmetric Correlation (ASC). The ASC Similarity Function Is Invariant To Affine Illumination Changes And Robust To Extreme Noise. It Correlates The Given Non-normalized Template With A Normalized Version Of Each Image Window In The Frequency Domain. We Show That This Asymmetric Normalization Is More Robust To Noise Than Other Cross Correlation Variants, Such As The Correlation Coefficient. Direct Computation Of ASC Is Very Slow, As A DFT Needs To Be Calculated For Each Image Window Independently. To Make The Template Matching Efficient, We Develop A Much Faster Algorithm, Which Carries Out A Prediction Step In Linear Time And Then Computes DFTs For Only A Few Promising Candidate Windows. We Extend The Proposed Template Matching Scheme To Deal With Partial Occlusion And Spatially Varying Light Change. Experimental Results Demonstrate The Robustness Of The Proposed ASC Similarity Measure Compared To State-of-the-art Template Matching Methods.

ADAPATIVE STREAMING SERVICES- Self Annihilating Data Storage And Location Based Adaptive Video Streaming Service

Cloud Computing Has Become A Popular Buzzword And It Has Been Widely Used To Refer To Different Technologies, Services, And Concepts. With The Use Of Cloud Computing, Here We Are Trying To Give The Location Based Efficient Video Information To The Mobile Users. Location Based Service(LBS) Is An Information Service And Has A Number Of Uses In Social Networking Today As An Entertainment Service, Which Is Accessible With Mobile Devices Through The Mobile Network And Which Uses Information On The Geographical Position Of The Mobile Device. While The Demands Of Video Streaming Services Over The Mobile Networks Have Been Souring Over These Years, The Wireless Link Capacity Cannot Practically Keep Up With The Growing Traffic Load. In This Project, We Propose And Discuss A Adaptive Video Streaming Framework To Improve The Quality Of Video Services In The Location Based Manner. Through This System, Video Content Can Be Segmented By An Automatic Shot/scene Retrieval Technology And Stored In The Database (DB). In The Client Side, Two Threads Will Be Formed. One Is For Video Streaming And Another One Is For Location Searching And Updating. For The Security Purpose, We Are Using Self Destruction Algorithm Where The Uploaded Video Is Been Destructed Automatically After The User Defined Time. Thus The Location Based Video Information Can Be Streamed Efficiently And Securely By The Mobile Users.