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NEGATIVE REVIEW AND POSITIVE REVIEW CLASSIFICATION- A Review On Machine Learning Based Students Academic Performance Prediction Systems

Prediction Of Academic Performance Of Students Beforehand Provides Scope To Universities To Lower Their Dropout Rate And Help The Students In Improving Their Performance. In This Field, Research Is Being Done To Find Out Which Algorithm Is Best To Use And Which Features Should Be Considered While Predicting The Academic Performance Of Students. This Kind Of Research Work Has Been Increasing Over The Years. This Paper Performs A Survey On The Techniques Used In Various Research Papers For Academic Performance Prediction And Also Point Out The Limitations If Any, In The Methodology Used.

REVIEW PREDICTION FOR AMAZON DATASET- Opinion Mining Based Fake Product Review Monitoring And Removal System

Fake Review Detection And Its Elimination From The Given Dataset Using Different Natural Language Processing (NLP) Techniques Is Important In Several Aspects. In This Article, The Fake Review Dataset Is Trained By Applying Two Different Machine Learning (ML) Models To Predict The Accuracy Of How Genuine Are The Reviews In A Given Dataset. The Rate Of Fake Reviews In E-commerce Industry And Even Other Platforms Is Increasing When Depend On Product Reviews For The Item Found Online On Different Websites And Applications. The Products Of The Company Were Trusted Before Making A Purchase. So This Fake Review Problem Must Be Addressed So That These Large E-commerce Industries Such As Flipkart, Amazon, Etc. Can Rectify This Issue So That The Fake Reviewers And Spammers Are Eliminated To Prevent Users From Losing Trust On Online Shopping Platforms. This Model Can Be Used By Websites And Applications With Few Thousands Of Users Where It Can Predict The Authenticity Of The Review Based On Which The Website Owners Can Take Necessary Action Towards Them. This Model Is Developed Using Naïve Bayes And Random Forest Methods. By Applying These Models One Can Know The Number Of Spam Reviews On A Website Or Application Instantly. To Counter Such Spammers, A Sophisticated Model Is Required In Which A Need To Be Trained On Millions Of Reviews. In This Work “amazon Yelp Dataset” Is Used To Train The Models And Its Very Small Dataset Is Used For Training On A Very Small Scale And Can Be Scaled To Get High Accuracy And Flexibility.

CHATBOT FOR EMOTIOON RECOGNITION- Model Of Multi-turn Dialogue In Emotional Chatbot

The Intent Recognition And Natural Language Understanding Of Multi-turn Dialogue Is Key For The Commercialization Of Chatbots. Chatbots Are Mainly Used For The Processing Of Specific Tasks, And Can Introduce Products To Customers Or Solve Related Problems, Thus Saving Human Resources. Text Sentiment Recognition Enables A Chatbot To Know The User's Emotional State And Select The Best Response, Which Is Important In Medical Care. In This Study, We Combined The Multi-turn Dialogue Model And Sentiment Recognition Model To Develop A Chatbot, That Is Designed For Used In Daily Conversations Rather Than For Specific Tasks. Thus, The Chatbot Has The Ability To Provide The Robot's Emotions As Feedback While Talking With A User. Moreover, It Can Exhibit Different Emotional Reactions Based On The Content Of The User's Conversation.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT USING NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING- Intelligent Personal Assistant - Implementing Voice Commands Enabling Speech Recognition

Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) Is A Software Agent Performing Tasks On Behalf Of An Human Or Individual I Based On Commands Or Questions Which Are Similar To Chat Bots. They Are Also Referred As Intelligent Virtual Assistant Which Interprets Human Speech And Respond Via Synthesized Voices. IPAs And IVAs Finds Their Usage In Various Applications Such As Home Automation, Manage To-do Tasks And Media Playback Through Voice. This Paper Aims To Propose Speech Recognition Systems And Dealing With Creating A Virtual Personal Assistant. The Existing System Serves On The Internet And Is Maintained By The Third Party. This Application Shall Protect Personal Data From Others And Use The Local Database, Speech Recognition And Synthesiser. A Parser Named SURR(Semantic Unification And Reference Resolution) Is Employed To Recognise The Speech. Synthesizer Uses Text To Phoneme.

CHATBOT FOR HEALTH CARE AND DIET PLAN- Artificial Intelligence AI Dietician For Personal Use

Poor Nutrition Can Lead To Reduced Immunity, Increased Susceptibility To Disease, Impaired Physical And Mental Development, And Reduced Productivity. A Conversational Agent Can Support People As A Virtual Coach, However Building Such Systems Still Have Its Associated Challenges And Limitations. This Paper Describes The Background And Motivation For Chatbot Systems In The Context Of Healthy Nutrition Recommendation. We Discuss Current Challenges Associated With Chatbotapplication, We Tackled Technical, Theoretical, Behavioural, And Social Aspects Of The Challenges. We Then Propose A Pipeline To Be Used As Guidelines By Developers To Implement Theoretically And Technically Robust Chatbot Systems.

VOICE BASED ASCENDING AND DECENDING ORDER EXECUTION- Voice Based Sorting Using Pyaudio And Also Searching Operations

Voice Control Is A Major Growing Feature That Change The Way People Can Live. The Voice Assistant Is Commonly Being Used In Smartphones And Laptops. AI-based Voice Assistants Are The Operating Systems That Can Recognize Human Voice And Respond Via Integrated Voices. This Voice Assistant Will Gather The Audio From The Microphone And Then Convert That Into Text, Later It Is Sent Through GTTS (Google Text To Speech). GTTS Engine Will Convert Text Into Audio File In English Language, Then That Audio Is Played Using Play Sound Package Of Python Programming Language.