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INTERRUPTION DETECTION- Resourceful Interruption Detection With Blossom Filtering In Manager Area Networks

Due To Its Cost Efficiency The Controller Area Network (CAN) Is Still The Most Wide-spread In-vehicle Bus And The Numerous Reported Attacks Demonstrate The Urgency In Designing New Security Solutions For CAN. In This Work We Propose An Intrusion Detection Mechanism That Takes Advantage Of Bloom Filtering To Test Frame Periodicity Based On Message Identifiers And Parts Of The Data-field Which Facilitates Detection Of Potential Replay Or Modification Attacks. This Proves To Be An Effective Approach Since Most Of The Traffic From In-vehicle Buses Is Cyclic In Nature And The Format Of The Data-field Is Fixed Due To Rigid Signal Allocation. Bloom Filters Provide An Efficient Time-memory Tradeoff Which Is Beneficial For The Constrained Resources Of Automotive Grade Controllers. We Test The Correctness Of Our Approach And Obtain Good Results On An Industry-standard CANoe Based Simulation For A J1939 Commercial-vehicle Bus And Also On CAN-FD Traces Obtained From A Real-world High-end Vehicle. The Proposed Filtering Mechanism Is Straight-forward To Adapt For Any Other Time-triggered In-vehicle Bus, E.g., FlexRay, Since It Is Built On Time-driven Characteristics.

CYBER PHYSICAL SYSTEM- Minute Cyber-Physical Systems For Presentation Development In The Factory Of The Prospect

The Complexity And Dynamic Of The Manufacturing Environment Are Growing Due To The Changes Of Manufacturing Demand From Mass Production To Mass Customization That Require Variable Product Types, Small Lot Sizes, And A Short Lead-time To Market. Currently, The Automatic Manufacturing Systems Are Suitable For Mass Production. To Cope With The Changes Of The Manufacturing Environment, The Paper Proposes The Model And Technologies For Developing A Smart Cyber-physical Manufacturing System (Smart-CPMS). The Transformation Of The Actual Manufacturing Systems To The Smart-CPMS Is Considered As The Next Generation Of Manufacturing Development In Industry 4.0. The Smart-CPMS Has Advanced Characteristics Inspired From Biology Such As Self-organization, Self-diagnosis, And Self-healing. These Characteristics Ensure That The Smart-CPMS Are Able To Adapt With Continuously Changing Manufacturing Requirements. The Model Of Smart-CPMS Is Inherited From The Organization Of Living Systems In Biology And Nature. Consequently, In The Smart-CPMS, Each Resource On The Shop Floor Such As Machines, Robots, Transporters, And So On, Is An Autonomous Entity, Namely A Cyber-physical System (CPS) Which Is Equipped With Cognitive Capabilities Such As Perception, Reasoning, Learning, And Cooperation. The Smart-CPMS Adapts To The Changes Of Manufacturing Environment By The Interaction Among CPSs Without External Intervention. The CPS Implementation Uses The Cognitive Agent Technology. Internet Of Things (IoT) With Wireless Networks, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), And Sensor Networks Are Used As Information And Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure For Carrying Out The Smart-CPMS.