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STEGANOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES- Hiding Data Using Efficient Combination Of RSA Cryptography And Compression Steganography Techniques

Data Compression Is An Important Part Of Information Security Because Compressed Data Is More Secure And Easy To Handle. Effective Data Compression Technology Creates Efficient, Secure, And Easy-to-connect Data. There Are Two Types Of Compression Algorithm Techniques, Lossy And Lossless. These Technologies Can Be Used In Any Data Format Such As Text, Audio, Video, Or Image File. The Main Objective Of This Study Was To Reduce The Physical Space On The Various Storage Media And Reduce The Time Of Sending Data Over The Internet With A Complete Guarantee Of Encrypting This Data And Hiding It From Intruders. Two Techniques Are Implemented, With Data Loss (Lossy) And Without Data Loss (Lossless). In The Proposed Paper A Hybrid Data Compression Algorithm Increases The Input Data To Be Encrypted By RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) Cryptography Method To Enhance The Security Level And It Can Be Used In Executing Lossy And Lossless Compacting Steganography Methods. This Technique Can Be Used To Decrease The Amount Of Every Transmitted Data Aiding Fast Transmission While Using Slow Internet Or Take A Small Space On Different Storage Media. The Plain Text Is Compressed By The Huffman Coding Algorithm, And Also The Cover Image Is Compressed By Discrete Wavelet Transform DWT Based That Compacts The Cover Image Through Lossy Compression In Order To Reduce The Cover Image's Dimensions. The Least Significant Bit LSB Will Then Be Used To Implant The Encrypted Data In The Compacted Cover Image. We Evaluated That System On Criteria Such As Percentage Savings Percentage, Compression Time, Compression Ratio, Bits Per Pixel, Mean Squared Error, Peak Signal To Noise Ratio, Structural Similarity Index, And Compression Speed. This System Shows A High-level Performance And System Methodology Compared To Other Systems That Use The Same Methodology.